Oral B Triumph 4000

Oral B Triumph 4000

Oral B Triumph 4000 is a waterproof ergonomic electric toothbrush which is gentle on teeth and gums. Oral B Triumph 4000 removes up to 99.7% of plaque from hard to reach places. It's easy to reach whiter teeth just in 3 weeks!

If you are looking for a great electric toothbrush for a very good price, then Oral B Professional Care SmartSeries 4000 Rechargeable Toothbrush is the right choice for you. Looking for an Oral B Electric Toothbrush comparison? Just check the blue chart below!

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Oral B Triumph 4000

Always wanted that perfect smile which gives you more confidence when talking to someone? You don't need to worry about that one anymore. With the perfect toothbrush you will achieve the perfect result. Find out which Oral B toothbrush fits your needs the best - refer to the table below!

Triumph 4000 Comparison - Which Oral B Toothbrush Is Right For You?

Oral-B® Vitality™ Precision Clean Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean Oral-B Professional Care® 1000 Oral-B Professional Care
Oral-B Professional Care Smart Series™ 4000 Oral-B Professional Care Smart Series 5000 Oral-B Pulsonic
Gentle on Teeth and Gums
Timer Helps You Brush for Recommended Two Minutes
Whitens Teeth by Removing Surface Stains
Reduces Plague to Help Prevent Gingivitis
Pressure Sensor Alerts When Brushing Too Hard
Sensitive Mode for More Gentle Cleaning
Polish Mode Remove Stains
In-Handle Smart Display Provides Feedback for Better Brushing
Wireless SmartGuide™ Helps Maximize Your Routine

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Your Comments

Joe McNamara says:

I simply love my Oral B Triumph 4000 Toothbrush, definitely worth getting one!

Frank says:

After Oral B Professional Care 1000 the Oral-B Professional Care Smart Series™ 4000 seemed like an obvious choice. Well worth the money!

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